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Just wanted to let you know that the bobbleheads of my parents ROCKED! Please see the attached pictures of my folks with their bobbles, and the bobbles alone on the picnic table SO neat!I also shared these pictures with folks at work and TO THE PERSON everyone wanted to know your website because they wanted to order bobbleheads. Isn’t that great?! Please enjoy the comments that came back (below), and thank you for all of your help along the way!


LOVE IT! who modeled their clothing or did they give you selection?

A Special Day


We can't tell you how many wonderful comments we got about our bobble-head look-a-likes on our wedding day! Everyone said how much they loved them and how they really represented our fun silly side! Thanks again for making our day so special!


Casey and Paul Rocchini

I wanted to express the sincere gratitude of both myself and my husband for the fantastic cake topper that you made for our wedding. I have attached three photos, one of the topper, one of the cake and topper, and one of us together with the cake and topper. If you like them, please feel free to include them on your website. I can't even tell you how excited we (and all of our guests) were about the striking resemblance between us and our bobbles. It was one of the best "personal touches" of our day and I have already recommended your services to others!